* Daizo is created using HTML 5, Javascript, PHP, CSS, AJAX, MYSQL and Java query. The Website is made using HTML5 and CSS; When talking to Daizo, the input of the user is sent to a AJAX function which forwards the data to a PHP file which compares it with the Value in the database. If a match is found, the value is returned back from the PHP function back to the AJAX function and it is updated using HTML. Java Query is used to load various function on Window load.

* The typing capabilities are handles by a combination of Javaquery and Javascript while the speaking capabilities are fully javascript.

* The 3D Face is done using CSS3 parallax effects. It containts multiple layers of images and they move relative to the position of your mouse pointer

* The other animations are done using Pure CSS. If you like the work, rate it or leave a comment here; if you don't like it and have something to complain about, contact the admin here!